#Easter is April 16th this year! #spring

#Easter is April 16th this year! #spring is here http://ow.ly/i/qb2KF


update your #Project Management, Schedule

update your #Project Management, Scheduling, Cost Control and change management http://ow.ly/DWVw307cFks from these sessions:
MS Project Rochester 4-Apr-2017
MS Project Edmonton 5-Apr-2017
Risk Management Rochester 6-Apr-2017
Risk Management Edmonton 7-Apr-2017
MS Project Saskatoon 10-Apr-2017
Risk Management Sudbury 11-Apr-2017
MS Project Vancouver 11-Apr-2017
Risk Management Saskatoon 12-Apr-2017
Risk Management Toronto 17-Apr-2017
MS Project Calgary 18-Apr-2017
MS Project OSWCA 24-Apr-2017
MS Project Ottawa 27-Apr-2017
Risk Management Regina 3-May-2017
Risk Management Hamilton 11-May-2017
Risk Management Mississauga 24-May-2017


Canadians talk about the #weather.

Canadians talk about the #weather. Its what brings us together. #CanadianCulture   A family member has been travelling, living and working abroad for a number of years.   As a customer rep, she is in front of clients on a daily basis.   Conversation topics and points of commonality often run out.   Each nationality has at least  one topic that always inspires heated discourse.   For Americans it is Trump.   For the British it is the Royals.   For Belgish it is Brussels and for Canadians it is the weather.  Really? not hockey?   yes, it is the weather.   After all the Canadian teams are knocked out of the play-offs, even hockey may be a fail.   But the weather always lingers…



What if I told you that you could plan for risk, better your chances of knowing what types of risk to expect, mitigate risk and even circumvent risk with one piece of software? Sound impossible? I knew you’d think that! But I’m here to tell you that it’s not…
Let me introduce to you RiskMP – a ground-breaking software that can and will make risk management on your next project as easy as 1, 2, 3. RISKMP
Every project plan carries with it some uncertainty and risk. Addressing and managing that uncertainty or risk is made easy with RiskMP. Built specifically for the construction industry, RiskMP software leads you through the steps of creating a risk management plan. RiskMP makes executing and managing that plan easy throughout the entire project.
Risk management is about being proactive – not firefighting. By anticipating, planning and addressing risk you can reduce the magnitude of its impact and keep the project on track. Managing risk is essential to delivering projects on time and on budget.
Project management best practices include a solid risk management plan.
Since project management requires constant communication, RiskMP makes your project plan accessible to you any time and anywhere that you have Internet or cell phone access.
Effective risk management requires dialogue; with the project management team, with remote sites, owners and consultants. RiskMP allows you to share project plans and risk management plans with any number of users, at your discretion.
RiskMP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project to facilitate a continuous risk management process. Reports on top priority risks, are available at the press of a button along with mitigation plans and costing information. Graphs convey the risk profile through the course of the project. And because the status of a project can change from day to day, RiskMP makes it easy to synchronize and update with the project plan.

There is never enough time!

There is never enough time! That’s the typical excuse. And its true. If you are a project manager of a construction project, time is one thing that is always in too short supply. So for most people, a risk analysis or risk management practice and procedure is just another task that is left on the to-do list.
So here is the compelling reason for every project manager, including you, to do a risk analysis and risk management: you want to go home at night at a reasonable hour. It will save you time in the long run.
Here is how:
Every experienced PM and site manager already know where most of the risks are. There is just no good place to record them and no process to address them. During planning stages, you could actually plan around them or put in the contingency. If you identify it as a contingency, precon or management will probably try to give it away before the project starts.
To communicate the risk, you need to record it, present it and explain it. A good risk management tool, such as RISKMP will allow you to do just that.
Careful examination of the project plan, scope, time, costs will allow you to identify the items that have some risk associated with them. Record the items that you identified, analyse them and arrange them in order of probability and impact. Now develop contingency plans, even if only jotted down somewhere on the risk record. Finally monitor the risks as you go through the project.
Now you are anticipating what can go awry and being proactive. Since you know what is coming, you are in control. This is not about fire fighting. And that’s how you are going to get to go home at a reasonable hour.